Vitrek 964i – High Voltage Switch

Vitrek 964i High Voltage Switching System


Vitrek 964i High Voltage Switching System

The Perfect Solution for Automated Multi-Conductor, Multi-Point Hipot Testing

You have a job to do – you have to hipot test a 16 conductor medical cable at 8500V to ensure that each conductor is properly isolated from every other conductor. You have two choices, you can try to do it manually or you can use the Vitrek 964i multi-conductor hipot tester to automatically route the HV and return signals to the proper test points.

The manual method is extremely problematic. Slow, error prone, labor intensive, operator hazardous – don’t even think about recording the test results. The 964i on the other hand, is purpose built to fully automate all of you high voltage switching needs. You chose the 964i, partnered it with a Vitrek 95X Series Industrial Strength Hipot Tester and QuickTest Pro test automation software.

High Voltage Switching doesn’t get any easier

The 964i is simple to set up. Standard front inputs connect directly to your Hipot/Continuity Tester and up to 60 rear panel terminals connect with your test fixture or DUT. Up to four 964i’s can be controlled directly by a single Vitrek 95X or V7X Series Hipot Tester or up to 10 via PC through the 964i’s built-in RS232 (serial) port or available GPIB interface. The 964i’s LCD display confirms system status and switch activation at a glance.

Try the 964i High Voltage Switching Scanner, you will never manually switch again

The Vitrek 964i High Voltage Automated Test Switching System routes high voltage test signals and return signals to any desired test points. This unique capability gives you control over each individual relay, unlike typical cable testers which restrict you to a fixed pattern. With available mux cards, you can also access the matrix with other equipment such an LCR meter or DMM. The result is a highly repeatable, rapid switching test system with no operator intervention and fully automated data acquisition. With voltage switching capability up to 15,000 volts or current switching as high as 40 amps – the 964i can handle just about any test requirement that comes along. Give it a try, you will never switch back to manual testing again.

Características principales:

  • High Voltage Ratings to 3KV, 7KV, 10KV or 15KV.
  • High Current Ratings to 40 Amps.
  • Reduces hazardous operator exposure to high voltage.
  • Improves test quality, consistency and repeatability.
  • Enhances end product quality and reliability.
  • Up to 64 channels in a single compact unit.
  • Vitrek multi-conductor Hipot Tester control ports and RS232 interfaces standard.
  • GPIB optionally available.
  • May be controlled directly by Vitrek Hipot Tester.
  • Available QuickTest™ graphical software with full data aquisition.
  • CE mark certified to EN 61010.
  • Made in the U.S.A.