Vitrek 95X Series

Vitrek 95x Power & Versatility for your Most Demanding Electrical Safety Test Applications


Vitrek 95x Equipos de test de Seguridad Eléctrica AC y DC

Power & Versatility for your Most Demanding Electrical Safety Test Applications

The Vitrek  95X Series is built from the ground up with DSP technology – to bring you the safest, fastest, most capable, feature rich hipot testers available. The 95X Series combines high output power, with a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs and extremely low leakage current measurement. Then we added a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter with dynamic range up to 100K ohms and an overlapping Tera-ohm class Insulation Resistance function. Top that off with an available 40 Amp Ground Bond capability and you’re just beginning to get a feel for what the Vitrek 95X Series Hipot Testers can do for you.

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Características principales:

  • Highest Level of Operator Safety – features include: GFI High speed shut down for earth ground leakage faults, SFI™ Safety Fault Interlock – High speed shut down output for interruption of safety interlock, TLSS™ Test Lead Safety Sense – Clamps DUT chassis near ground by continuously verifying proper connection of test leads prior to and during HV testing, Recessed start switch prevents inadvertent actuation.
  • High Power Output – means better drive capability and increased test throughout. With up to 50mA of sourcing current for DC hipot the 95X Series gets heavy duty jobs done fast – available 100mA & 200mA AC drive tackles even the toughest sourcing requirements.
  • Wide Range of built-in Voltage Capabilities – Choose from 6.5KVDC, 11KVDC or 15KVDC and 6KVAC, 10KVAC or up to 30KV RMS AC with external option.
  • The Fastest Hipot Testers available – Thanks to our Dual Coldfire® microprocessors combined with Dual DSPs to provide Ramp rates up to 50KV/second, dwell times as low as 20mS and overall test times as fast as 3mS in optional Flash mode.
  • Expansive Test Sequence Memory holds up to 100 tests with up to 100 steps per test. Tests can be selected via front panel, Ethernet, RS232, Digital I/O or with optional GPIB.
  • Ground Bond Test Capability available in three models with output currents from 100mA to 40Amps RMS and test times from 20mS to 1000 seconds or longer.
  • 4-Wire Milli-Ohmmeter Function provides fast, accurate 5 digit resistance measurements with resolution down to 100µΩ and range up to 100K ohms.
  • Built-in Phase Angle Measurement – allows the measurement and display of both resistive (in-phase) leakage current and reactive (out-of-phase) leakage current caused by capacitive coupling.
  • Multi-Dwell Functionality – permits dwells at different voltage levels without having to return to zero between test steps – dramatically simplifying advanced analysis of dielectric properties.
  • Ramp High/Dwell Low Current Limits – permits the user to set separate limits for the ramp and dwell providing faster ramp times and lower leakage test limits .
  • Ethernet, RS232, Digital I/O, USB Printer & Scanner Control – All Standard Interfaces – Provides the highest level of test automation. GPIB optional.
  • High Voltage Scanner Control – up to 256 point switching capability with available 964i HV Scanners. Route voltages up to 15KV and currents up to 40A for multi-point hipot and ground bond tests.
  • Dual Dimensional / Test Specific / Broadband Arc Detection. Where lesser testers allow you to set a single, global, amplitude only arc limit – the technologically advanced 95X Series utilizes time & amplitude based arc limits and uniquely applies them to each desired test .
  • Pico-Amp Leakage Measurement insures that even the lowest leakage current levels are accurately detected and tera-ohm range IR readings are stable and precise.
  • Test Specific Fixture & Cable Compensation – Automatically calibrate out offset errors caused by lead resistance, fixture capacitance and leakage.
  • Multi-Mode IR – Insulation Resistance values up to one Tera-ohm can be obtained with precision in your choice of 3 IR test modes – end on time, end on pass or end on fail.
  • Continuously Variable IR Test Voltage – Unlike most IR testers which limit you to 3 or 4 discrete test voltages, the 950i Series allows you to select the test voltage you need. Starting as low as 20V all the way to 6.5KV, 11KV or 15KVDC .
  • Capacitance Test Modes – For AC & DC hipot and IR provide tightly controlled charge and discharge profiles for superior results on critical solar panel tests and other highly capacitive loads.
  • Light Weight Switching Power Supply Design – Better reliability, easier on your back. Compare the 8.2 kg 95X to whatever you’ve been using.
  • 400Hz AC Voltage Withstand Testing provides aviation frequency specific test results for a more effective analysis of dielectric properties on avionic components.
  • Solar Panel Testing Simplified – Designed with PV testing in mind, the 950i Series uses pico-amp resolution to detect minute defects in solar cells .
  • Safety Tested per EN 61010-1. EMC compliant to EN 61326-1.

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