TOE 8950

400W simple o doble y función arbitraria opcional.


TOE 8950

The power supplies of these series can be optionally equipped with an arbitrary function (curve memory integrated in the unit). The units execute an entered curve autonomously, even without a PC connection. Dual-output power supplies of the TOE 8952 series have a separate curve memory per output. Two signals can then be output synchronous to one another. A burst function defines the number of desired curve sweeps.

In addition, the curve memory can be divided into up to 10 blocks. Each individual block can be used repeatedly. The advantage is to be found in the extremely efficient use of memory space.

The new and powerful software from TOELLNER permits fast and convenient input of curves using a graphic curve editor. Oscilloscope signals recorded in a vehicle can be read in directly and subsequently simulated. Voltage dips, starting processes in the vehicle, and noise voltages on the vehicle electrics can thus be simulated rapidly and without problem. Standardized test pulses in accordance with DIN 16750 or ISO 7637, such as load dump test pulses (also clipped), jump starts and reset response, or specific and standardized test curves from many different vehicle manufacturers, can be simulated and are included in the scope of delivery. New and future versions from manufacturers, as well as new test versions, are implemented can be entered in next to no time.

TOE 9151 or TOE 9152 option required (arbitrary function in the unit) if curves are to be output via internal memories.

Application example.TOE 8950-Block mode

Example of a sinusoidal signal with start block for initialization process, repetition block with a sinusoidal signal and 5 sweeps, and an end block for switching off a consumer.

  • Adjustment using incremental spinwheels: The output values are adjusted with a selectable resolution using wear-free incremental spinwheels, guaranteeing reliable and precise setting of all output parameters and operating functions even after many years of use.
  • Display: The set and measured values for voltage, current and power as well as the menu control functions are output on a 2-row LCD with 20 characters/row.
  • Highest degree of safety: is guaranteed for your applications by comprehensive protective measures: adjustable overvoltage protection, limit function, fast power OFF switching, polarity reversal protection, resistance to reverse current, various internal electronic monitoring functions.
  • Innovative sensing circuit: An innovative sensing circuit not only keeps the power supply to your load extremely constant, it even protects sensitive loads if there is a break in the sensor line. The sensing inputs are available at the rear.
  • Adjustable output power: The possibility for directly setting the power is a further exceptional feature of this series. The output power of 400 W with single-output power supplies or 2 x 200 W with dual-output power supplies can then be reduced down to 5 % of the maximum output power.
  • Tracking mode: With dual-output power supplies, automatic tracking permits control of the output voltage of part 2 as a function (0 – 100 %) of part 1 with retention of all control properties.