TOE 8887x

1000W o 1500W fuente de alto rendimiento y función arbitraria opcional.


TOE 8887x

Fuente de alimentación de altas prestaciones con opción de función arbitaria.
Modelos de TOE 8871-40 (0-40V / 0-50A / 1000W) a TOE 8871-400 (0-400V / 0-5A / 1000W)TOE 8872-40 Curva Autorango
Modelos de TOE 8872-40 (0-40V / 0-100A / 1500W) a TOE 8872-400 (0-400V / 0-7,55A / 1500W)


A highly effective power factor corrector (PFC) ensures that the TOE 8871 and TOE 8872 power supplies react with respect to the mains source like a resistance without any capacitive, inductive or non-linear components whatsoever. The mains current input is therefore sinusoidal, in-phase with the line voltage, and thus free of reactive current components.   


The devices are extremely easy-to-use, and the specifications are exceptional. Superb processing quality together with a large number of special functions mean that the power supplies of the TOE 8871 and TOE 8872 series can be counted among the very best currently available.

Integrated measurement 

A further significant characteristic is the high-resolution measurement of the voltage, current and power values; these are output on 4-digit LED displays and can be read at a high rate in bus mode. This means that additional measuring instruments are usually superfluous.

Adjustment using incremental spinwheel

The output values are set using a wear-free incremental spinwheel with selectable sensitivity, thus guaranteeing reliable, exact setting of the output voltage, current and power even after many years of use.

Remote control: GPIB, RS 232 and analog

All devices can be remote-controlled as standard in analog mode, and optionally via GPIB and RS 232 interfaces with the standardized SCPI command set (SCPI: Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). The system interfaces are characterized by a high setting rate and a high measuring rate. In addition to this, device driver software under “LabView“ is also available. Furthermore, all devices can be controlled at high precision via an electrically isolated analog controller (option).

Ethernet/LAN interface

For the TOE 8871 and TOE 8872 series power supplies a RS 232 Ethernet-Adapter is available to control the power supply remotely over LAN. The Ethernet-Adapter provides a TCP / UDP port to transmit SCPI commands to the power supply. An integrated web server allows easy access to the device to check the connection or to reconfigure the adapter. The ethernet adapter is preconfigured for the instrument and can be used in most networks without additional configuration.

The power supplies of these series can be optionally equipped with an arbitrary function (curve memory integrated in the unit). The units execute an entered curve autonomously, even without a PC connection. A burst function defines the number of desired curve sweeps.

In addition, the curve memory can be divided into up to 3 blocks. Each individual block can be used repeatedly. The advantage is to be found in the extremely efficient use of memory space.

The new and powerful software from TOELLNER permits fast and convenient input of curves using a graphic curve editor. Oscilloscope signals recorded in a vehicle can be read in directly and subsequently simulated. Voltage dips, starting processes in the vehicle, and noise voltages on the vehicle electrics can thus be simulated rapidly and without problem. Standardized test pulses in accordance with DIN 16750 or ISO 7637, such as load dump test pulses (also clipped), jump starts and reset response, or specific and standardized test curves from many different vehicle manufacturers, can be simulated and are included in the scope of delivery. New and future versions from manufacturers, as well as new test versions, are implemented can be entered in next to no time.

Application example.TOE 8950-Block mode

Example of a sinusoidal signal with start block for initialization process, repetition block with a sinusoidal signal and 5 sweeps, and an end block for switching off a consumer.