Tekbox TBSB

Tekbox TBSB Shielded Bags for LISN or TEM-cells


Tekbox TBSB Shielded Bags

The TBSB line of shielded bags is designed to suppress interference from ambient noise when carrying out EMC pre-compliance measurements. The shielded bags are a low cost alternative to shielded tents for test equipment such as LISNs or TEM-cells.

The shielded bags are composed of two layers of conductive fabrics. The access opening is sealed with conductive Velcro tape. Suggestions on how to feed cables into the bags are given in the application section of this manual.


  • Outer dimensions: TBSB-105/60: 105 cm x 60 cm TBSB-70/40: 70 cm x 40 cm.
  • Opening dimensions: TBSB-105/60: diagonal 80 cm TBSB-70/40: diagonal 60 cm.
  • Frame: none.
  • Shielding: 2 layers of conductive fabrics.
  • Seal: conductive Velcro tape.
  • Filter panel: none.
  • Attenuation: ~ 50 dB in the range DC to 2 GHz.
  • Weight: TBSB-105/60: 250 g  TBSB-70/40: 140 g.