Teledyne Test Tools T3DSOH1000

La Serie de osciloscopios de mano T3DSOH1000está formada por modelos de 2 canales de 100 y 200MHz con la opción de canales aislados.


Teledyne Test Tools


Osciloscopios de mano Teledyne Test Tools T3DSOH1000

The new T3DSOH1000 series of Handheld Oscilloscope series come in bandwidths of 100 MHz and 200 MHz all with two analog channels. In addition to a standard feature range of handheld models the additional T3DSOH1000-ISO models offer customers full isolation between the two oscilloscope channels, one multimeter channel, a power adapter, and the USB host/device port. Each channel features a single ADC with 1 GSa/s maximum sample rate and a single memory module with 12 Mpts memory depth. When two channels are enabled, each channel has a sample rate of 500 MSa/s and a standard record length of 6 Mpts. When only a single channel is activated, the maximum sample rate is 1 GSa/s and the maximum record length is 12 Mpts. The series comes with built in Serial bus triggering and decode for I2C, SPI, UART, CAN and LIN Protocols.

Características Principales:

  • 100 MHz and 200 MHz Bandwidth models.
  • Max Sample rate of 1 GSa/s.
  • Waveform capture rates up to 100,000 wfm/s.
  • Vertical range of 2 mV/div to 100 V/div.
  • Up to 12 Mpts of Acquisition memory.
  • Sequence acquisition mode (up to 80,000 segments).
  • History waveform record (History) function with up to 80,000 frames.
  • 38 Automatic measurement parameters.
  • Supports 256-level intensity grading and color temperature display modes.
  • Intelligent trigger: Edge, Slope, Pulse Width, Window, Runt, Interval, Time out (dropout), Pattern Serial bus triggering and decoding (Standard) for IIC, SPI, UART, CAN and LIN protocols.
  • Video trigger/HDTV

Robust design:

  • UL2054 certified lithium battery pack, 6900 mAh capacity, external charger.
  • Sealed IP51 dust and drip-proof housing.
  • Rubberized surface with large keys makes it easy to use with gloves.

Excellent connectivity:

  • Interface types: Isolated USB Host, USB Device (MicroUSB – TMC).
  • Supports SCPI remote control commands.

True RMS Digital Multimeter:

  • CAT III 600V/CAT II 1000V rated isolated inputs.
  • 6000 counts Digital Multimeter supports DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, Resistance, Diode, Capacitance, Continuity test.
  • True RMS AC Voltage/Current measurement multimeter.
  • Included current adaptors helps in current measurement up to 10 A.