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Analizador de Espectros de Tiempo Real Rigol RSA5000. 3,2 y 6,5GHz con analizador vectorial y analizador vectorial (modelos N)

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Analizador de Espectros de Tiempo Real Rigol RSA5000 con Análisis Vectorial (Modelos N)

The RSA5000 real-time spectrum analyzer with real-time analysis and sweep analysis, optional vector signal analysis application software (VSA) and EMI measurement application software (EMI), with excellent performance and specifications. Its frequency range is 9kHz to 3.2GHz/6,5GHz, and it is available with the tracking source “-TG” model, which can be widely used in enterprise R&D, factory production, education and teaching.

Engineers integrating WiFi, Bluetooth and other modern RF technologies are confronted with complex challenges like frequency hopping signals, channel conflict, and spectrum interference.  Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers bring the dimension of time to RF Analysis making it easier to monitor and characterize these complex RF systems.  The RSA5000 combines industry leading realtime performance (7.45µs 100% POI), rich data displays, and advanced triggering options allowing the user to quickly capture, identify and analyze these complex events.

Características principales:

  • Ultra-Real technology.
  • Frequency: up to 6.5 GHz.
  • Displayed average noise level (DANL): <-165 dBm (typical) Phase noise: <-108 dBc/Hz (typical).
  • Level measurement uncertainty: <0.8 dB.
  • 6.5 GHz tracking generator.
  • Min. RBW 1 Hz.
  • Up to 40 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth.
  • Multiple measurement modes.
  • Various advanced measurement functions.
  • Vector signal analysis measurement application (option).
  • EMI measurement application (option).
  • Multiple trigger modes and trigger masks.
  • Density, spectrogram, and other display modes.
  • PC software options.
  • 10.1” capacitive multi-touch screen, supporting touch gestures.
  • USB, LAN, HDMI and other communication and display interfaces.

Application Area

  • Radio monitoring.
  • Capture and analyze wireless communication signals.
  • Frequency hopping radio system test.
  • Radar signal test.
  • RFID, NFC signal test.
  • Diagnostic electronic circuit design issues.
  • EMI pre test with standard

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