Rigol DP900 Serie

Rigol DP900 Serie 3 salidas 210W, 3A/32V programable.

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Rigol DP900 Serie

Rigol D900 series, in addition to the advantages of low ripple and high accuracy, also adds a variety of new functions such as one-key series-parallel, full-channel isolation, etc. to meet the new needs of various application fields, and a new model for education is added to users. Provide maximum security, three-way classic, totally new start.

Características principales:

  • 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen.
  • 3 independent channels: 32V/3A 11 32V/3A II6V/3A Auto series/parallel connections.
  • Command processing time <10 ms.
  • Low output ripple and noise <350 µVrms/2 mVpp.
  • Mínimum dwell time in Arb editor: 100 ms.
  • Safety sockets at front panel (available on some models)
  • LAN, USB, and Digital I/O.
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection.