Rigol DP2000 Serie

Rigol DP200 Serie 3 salidas 222W, 3A/32V programable.

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Rigol DP2000 Series

Rigol DP2000 series is a high-precision programmable linear power supply. In addition to basic functions such as low ripple and noise, fast transient response time, etc., it has three fully isolated channels, high precision, and high sampling rate. The resolution of small current measurement reaches to 1μA, and the annual accuracy is 28μA. Color touch screen, a variety of standard configuration interfaces, a variety of desktop and integrated testing requirements.

Características principales:

  • 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen.
  • 3 independent channels: 32V/3A – 32V/3A – 6V/5A (10A).
  • High resolution for measurement of 1 µA low current.
  • Capability to measure and display wide dynamic ranges of current.
  • Front and rear output terminals.
  • Minimum dwell time in Arb editor: 1 ms.
  • Low output ripple and noise <350 µVrms/2 mVpp.
  • Auto series/parallel connections.
  • LAN, USB, RS232, GBIP (optional), and Digital I/O.
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection-