Pulsotron 500K – LINER

Pulsotron 500K – LINER Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Ignition Grade

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Pulsotron 500K – LINER Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Ignition Grade

Contains an experimental thermonuclear fusion reactor, vacuum pump, and hydrogen supply needed to configure and operate it. It is designed to allow investigators to reach Ignition Conditions that consists on generating more energy that injected in the machine.

500K-LINER is a 11 stage reactor heats electrostatically 750 kilojoule of plasma to a record energy 500KeV that uses a modified 9 Gigawatts Marx Generator extreme high power system added to 12 Megawatts secondary power subsystems that can be used to confine and ignite high density plasma.

This scientific instrument is easy to upgrade and modify to adapt to different operation modes. It is safe remotely operated

Características principales:

  • 11 Stages.
  • Acceleration power 9 Gigawatts.
  • Acceleration time < 250 nanoseconds.
  • Designed to reach ignition conditions that generates more energy released than injected with adequate configuration and design of the power sequences.
  • High efficiency Electrostatics acceleration using one shot through 11 x 50keV stages that accelerates Hydrogen or Deuterium ions to 500KeV.
  • Low temperature electrons to allow high efficiency and high density.
  • High density fuel to yield high density fusion energy generation.
  • Anti-return magnetic coils.
  • Rated to clean fusion using aneutronic reactions: H-Li6 and H-Be9.
  • Could be used with H-B11 by using solid Boron or Boron-hydride compounds under client design.
  • Installation at 50-500kV operation needs X rays protection during operation.
  • Neutron generating reactions under installation under the responsibility of the user. Could be used to make D-D fusion by using deuterium ions hitting DLi7 as long as deuterium density in DLi7 is greater than pure deuterium solid.
  • Investigators can design with their own software different discharge times to optimize operation.
  • Network cooperation with other colleges that uses the same installation.
*Combustion chamber can be damaged if a high power ignition is reached.

Applications: This product operation upgrades an institution to first level in the investigation of following fields:

  • High efficiency electrostatic plasma heating.
  • Thermonuclear Fusion Physics.
  • High Energy.
  • Energy Generation.
  • Plasma tests.
  • Plasma diagnostics.


  • High Power Marx generator modified 500KV 9Gigawatts.
  • Primary High Energy Pulse AC capacitors energy storage up to 1.2 Kilojoules.
  • Secondary High Energy Pulse AC capacitors energy storage up to 4 Kilojoules.
  • Capacitor bank charger and discharger.
  • Vacuum grade reactor main chamber 1m long with coils support.
  • The Plasma chamber walls material is non-magnetic or low magnetic with low degassing.
  • Anti-return coils support.
  • Turbomolecular pump station.
  • Hydrogen/Deuterium generation and injection system.
  • GPIO card used to control the reactor.
  • Magnetic sensor.
  • Configuration Application of coils and main parameters.
  • 5 Target chambers.
  • Included wires, screws, sealing, pipes.
  • 1 year support.