Pulsotron-3 Reactor

Pulsotron 3 – Nuclear Fusion Reactor



Pulsotron-3 Nuclear Fusion Reactor

It is a nuclear fusion reactor of the z-pinch type.  There are several approaches to use Z-pinch concept to reach ignition by compress the target using an electrostatic pulsed discharged over the target, the simpler is to use the discharging current through a plasma cylinder to compress it.

It is recommended to install sensors to measure the released magnetic field and the time when the plasma ball explodes.

Características principales:

  • Input Power: 1.07kW
  • Output maximum power: 11.3kW
  • The measured magnetic field at a target without fusion: 500kiloteslas peak and 400kpeak nominal
  • The Measured magnetic field with fusion: +10/+4.9 megateslas with thermonuclear fusion
  • Recommended fuel: decaborane
  • Maximum recovered energy: 88.13% of electric energy
  • Measured recovered current: up to 1.8 megaamps
  • Main capacitor bank dimensions: 1200x260x590mm
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Additional Equipment: 4 channels oscilloscope 400MHz, Power supply and electric control system
  • Uses: laboratory investigating reactor, plasma thruster. In the future: electric generator
  • Delivery time: 4 months