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PMK Sonic Active probe 4Ghz.

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PMK Sonic Active probe 4Ghz.

The PML Sonic active probe has the same Input Voltage of 20 V as the TETRIS® Series Probes, but with a 4Ghz bandwith. The various accessories provided within the scope of delivery offer the same connections and adaptations as the accessories of the TETRIS® Series. A Power Supply PS-02 or PS-03 is required to function.

Características principales:

  • 4GHz Bandwidth (-3dB).
  • 1 MΩ / 0.6 pF Input Impedance.
  • ±8V Dynamic Range.
  • Output Connector: BNC (SMA available on request)
  •  Input Voltage: ±20V.
  • Input Coupling: 50 MΩ
  • Cable Length: 1.3 m (other cable lengths on request)