PMK LILCO 58 Current Transformer

PMK LILCO 58 Series Wide-band Terminated Current Transformer.

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PMK LILCO 58 Series Wide-band Terminated Current Transformer.

PMK LILCO 58 Series of wide-band current transformers are capable of faithfully reproducing current waveforms over a bandwidth which extends from the sub-hertz area to greater than 30 MHz. Whether the requirement is to measure pulses of thousands of amps or milliamp currents in If or hf power electronic circuitry, it will be found that PMK LILCO 58 Series current transformers are capable of satisfying the application. Only use insulated cables to measure their current flow.

The ATT10BNCS attenuator is used to extend the low frequency cut-off point by factor 10, to increase I-t (product of current and time), and to reduce droop and output factor of PMK’s terminated LILCO current transformers. The attenuation of the output of a terminated LILCO current transformer is achieved by reducing it’s output resistance of the current transformer. The LILCO current transformer’s internal shunt resistor is normally 50Ω. By applying ATT10BNCS to the output of the transformer it’s output in V/A is reduced by the factor of 10.

Características principales:

  • Passive probe for pulsed currents.
  • Low frequency or high saturation devices.
  • Ultra low droop.
  • High I-t capability.
  • Very high DC saturation currents.
  • Integrated 50Ω termination

LILCO 58 Models

PMK LILCO 58 Models