Micsig Smart Oscilloscope STO1000C Serie

Micsig Smart Oscilloscope STO1000C 100 and 150MHz models


Micsig Smart Oscilloscope STO1000C

Micsig STO1000 series smart oscilloscopes adopt the innovative operation way, mixing full touch operation, buttons and knobs operation, and both ways mixed, which brings you a new user experience. It is not a traditional bench oscilloscope any more, big capacity lithium is a really good choice in filed using. Up to 70Mpts memory depth and maximum 130,000wfm/s capture rate help you to solve more problems.

STO1000E series integrates all of advantages in one instrument: super low budget, rapid response, easy operation, technology UI and abundant features.

Características principales:

  • 8″ Industry TFT LCD touchable capacitive screen, resolution: 800*600 pixels, 14*10 grids.
  • Oscilloscope body 1425g.
  • Dimension: 280*180*50mm.
  • Battery 320g. (Optional)
  • Models: 100MHz  2 and 4 channels, and 150MHz 2 Channels.
  • Sample rate 1 Gs/s (interleaved).
  • Memory Depth: 28MPts
  • Waveform Capture rate: 80 kwfms/s.
  • 31 types measurements.
  • Trigger and decoding os serial data: UART, LIN, CAN, SPI, I2C, 1553B y 429. (Optional)
  • Interfaces Wi-Fi, LAN, HDMI, USB Host, USB Device, DC Power, Aux out
  • Remote control software. Available in Smartphone.
  • 8Gb Storage for images, signals, video,…