Micsig Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope ATO1000

Micsig Automotive Tabler Oscilloscope ATO1000 100MHz, 2/4 channel


Micsig Automotive Oscilloscope ATO1000

Micsig Automotove Table Oscilloscope is the first handheld 2/4 channel100MHz, full touch automotive complete solution, with several type of test included: Ignition tests, Actuator Tests, Sensor Tests, Networks Tests (CAN, LIN, Flex-Ray, K-line, I2C, SPI), Charging/Star circuits tests, Pressure Test)

Características principales:

  • 8″ Industry TFT LCD touchable capacitive screen, resolution: 800*600 pixels, 14*10 grids.
  • Oscilloscope body 1425g.
  • Dimension: 250*200*55mm.
  • Battery 320g. 5 work hours
  • Models: 100MHz  2 and 4 channel.
  • Sample rate 1 Gs/s (interleaved).
  • Memory Depth: 28MPts (70MPts Plus models)
  • Waveform Capture rate: 80 kwfms/s. (250 kwfms/s Plus models)
  • 31 types measurements.
  • Trigger and decoding of serial data: UART, LIN, CAN, SPI, I2C, 1553B y 429. (Optional). Included in Plus models.
  • Interfaces Wi-Fi, LAN, HDMI, USB Host, USB Device, DC Power, Aux out
  • Remote control software. Available in Smartphone.
  • 8Gb Storage for images, signals, video,…