Matrix MR3000

Registrador 8 canales ampliables a 64 por unidad.

Matrix Technologies
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Matrix MR3000 Registrador 8ch

Registrador de 8 canales, modular hasta 64 canales por mainframe. Se pueden juntar hasta 4 canales para sistemas de 256 canales. Tiene módulos actuadores de 8 salidas. Pantalla color táctil multi-formato. Válido para temperatura, humedad, voltaje, presión, pulsos y señales lógicas.

Características principales:

  • Fully isolated general input, can input multiple signals at the same time, no need to replace the module, directly set on the instrument.
  • The data range of display quantity is wider, which can display 6 digits: -999,99~1999.999.
  • Additional measuring units may be added up to 64CH.
  • Display 8 kinds of colorful screen.
  • High brightness touch color TFT LCD, CCFL backlight, clear picture.
  • Display accuracy is high, the basic error is ±0.2%F·S.
  • Using ARM microprocessor, it can realize multi-channel(up to 64 channels inside the instrument)signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm at the same time.
  • Using 70MB large capacity flash memory chip to save history data to ensure data integrity even power cut.
  • With flashing alarm display, indicating the lower and lower limit, upper limit and upper upper limit alarm of each channel at the same time; 8 relay alarm output