Iwatsu SS-200 Serie

Iwatsu SS-200 Serie Sondas de corriente hasta 500A y 100MHz.

PMK Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
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Iwatsu SS-200 Serie Sondas de corriente

Displays its capabilities in full force in current waveform observation and wide-band applications such as switching power supplies, optical disc manufacturing lines, and semiconductor power devices.

Características principales:

  • Low noise characteristics for easy milliampere order observation.
  • From 30Arms (50Apeak) to 500Arms (700Apeak) depending model.
  • Wide bandwidth – DC to 100 MHz depending model.
  • High sensitivity and wide bandwidth implemented through use of thin-film Hall element.
  • Clamp type, enabling easy measurement without cutting the electrical circuit.
  • Equipped with a function that provides simple protection for excessive input.
  • Power provided through the optional probe power supply PS-26.

SS-200 Sondas de Corriente

Iwatsu SS-200 Series current probe