Itech IT8700P

Itech IT8700P Carga Electrónica DC Modular hasta 16 canales


Itech IT8700P Carga Electrónica DC Modular hasta 16 canales

IT8700P series multi-channel programmable DC electronic load has been improved and upgraded on the basis of IT8700. It keeps the original modular design. A single frame can reach 8 channels, and extended frame can reach 16 channels. It is equipped with both front and rear terminals, which can meet various testing requirements of users.
Same as IT8700, IT8700P also has the functions of slope adjustment and waveform editing. Besides, IT8700P has increased the functions including maximum current limit, PLC setting and CV loop adjustment. Users can set the automatic test function in the upgraded 7 operating modes, which is convenient for fast and accurate testing on R&D and production lines. At the same time, IT8700P series has full protection such as OVP,OCP,OPP,OTP, etc., which can prevent damage or injury caused by miss operation or environmental factors.


  • Removable modules for easy system configurability Dual-channel module can display each channel data simultaneously.
  • Single frame up to max.8 channels, extended frame up to max.16 channels.
  • Dynamic power distribution function for dual channels Arbitrary selection of front/rear terminal.
  • Users can customize the left and right modules.
  • 7 operation modes: CC/CV/CR/CP/CV+CC/CR+C-C/CW+CC.
  • CV loop speed is adjustable to match different power supplies.
  • Resolution and high accuracy up to 0.1mV/0.01mA.
  • Measurement of short-circuit peak current and peak voltage.
  • Voltage and current measurement, up to 50kHz.
  • Adjustable current rise/fall slope.
  • Simulate various waveforms with load under List mode.
  • Up to 25kHz dynamic mode, 100kHz List mode setting.
  • Automatic test function can automatically determine whether the test results exceed the set specifications.
  • Simultaneously perform multiple sets of electronic load modules.
  • OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/anti-reverse protection.
  • Built-in Ethernet/GPIB/USB/RS232 communication interface