Itech IT7600 Serie

IT7600 series high performance programmable AC power supplies power up to 54 KVA. 1 and 3 phase.

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Itech IT7600 Serie

IT7600 series high performance programmable AC power supplies, adopt advanced digital signal processing technology, with frequency up to 10-5000 Hz, built-in all-round power meter and large-screen oscilloscope function.
Power up to 54 kVA and support master-slave parallel, which can provide high-capacity single-phase or three-phase AC output.
IT7600 has built-in arbitrary waveform generator to simulate the harmonic and a variety of arbitrary waveforms output; also has strong exchange measurement and analysis functions.
IT7600 can be widely used in many areas, such as new energy, home appliances, power electronics, avionics, military, the development and application of IEC Standard test and so on.

Características principales:

  • 7” DSO function, which can display real-time waveforms of voltage and current under the single unit or parallel mode.
  • Built-in powerful single-phase or three-phase AC power meter.
  • Output frequency up to 10-5000 Hz, output variable rate of voltage or frequency is adjustable.
  • Maximum power up to 54 kVA.
  • Voltage up to 300 V / 600 V / 1200 V.
  • Realize AC, DC, AC+DC output modes, AC+DC can realize simulating distortion of DC Voltage.
  • Simulate arbitrary waveform output, support CSV format to import waveform.
  • Built-in various waveform database.
  • Strong master-slave paralleling makes multi-module output equalized current synchronously.
  • Support single / three-phase output, and can simulate unbalanced three phase output (see models).
  • Strong harmonic simulation capability, up to 50th harmonic simulation.
  • Strong harmonic analysis function, which can measure up to 50th voltage and current harmonic.
  • List mode can simulate civil use AC network, achieve simulation of instantaneous power interruption.
  • The output waveform start / stop phase angle can be set.
  • Support remote sense compensation function, which can improve measurement accuracy.
  • Relay Ctrl output function, which can achieve electrical isolation between DUT and the source.
  • Sweep function, which can test the efficiency of switching power supply and catch the voltage and frequency when reaching maximum power point.
  • OTP, OCP (Including peak and rms values), OVP, OPP.
  • Built-in USB / RS232 / LAN / GPIB / CAN communication Interface.
  • USB on the front panel can achieve importing and exporting file functions and data storage function.

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