Itech IT6000D High Power hasta 1.152 MW


Itech IT6000D High Power hasta 1.152 MW

IT6000D, single channel output programmable DC power supply, is applicable in laboratories and automatic test system to provide high-power and stable DC supply. The feature of autoranging output enables a wide range of voltage and current combinations at full power, unprecedentedly flexible.

IT6000D Series has wide range of applications and its single unit provides power range of 6kW to 144kW, current up to 2040A, as well as its voltage up to 2250V. Besides, IT6000D provides multi built-in communication interfaces to simplify and accelerate the testing development. The compact 3U design saves rack space.

Multi units of the same model can be paralleled easily to have higher power and the maximum power can reach up to 1.152 MW.


  • Single unit provides voltage of 80V-2250V, current of 30-2040A, power of 6kW -144kW, and 73 standard models are available.
  • Master-slave parallel, the power can be paralleled up to 1.152 MW.
  • Current is up to 2040A by paralleling.
  • The adoption of high frequency switching structure supports the automatic switching between CV and CC.
  • Provides various protections: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, protection of power failure and UVP.
  • Supports data recording function, can continuously record the Max, Min, Average values of output voltage and current, and it can automatically execute data by sequence.
  • Power efficiency up to 95%.
  • High power density of 18kW in 3U.
  • Supports external data recording function, internal buffing, and the PC will periodically read data from the power Supply.
  • Built-in communication interfaces of USB/CAN/LAN/Digital IO, and optional interfaces of GPIB, Analog and RS232.
  • Supports SCPI protocol, built-in Web server