Itech IT2700 Multi-Channel Modular Power System

Itech IT2700 Sistema Modular de Potencia de 8 canales  en 1U.


Itech IT2700 Multi-channel Modular Power System

Itech IT2700 series multi-channel modular power system brings ultra-high power density. The 1U main frame can include up to 8 modules (200W each) or 4 modules (500W each). Different modules can be grouped and synchronized.

The Itech IT2700 modules could be bidirectional DC power supplies, DC power supplies or regenerative loads. And they can be connected with each other in series or parallel. They have built-in LAN, USB, CAN, digital I/O and free PC software.

It can be widely used in ATE integration in R&D, design verification and manufacturing of DC-DC converter, communication power semiconductors, 3C products, like smartphone, PCBA, battery simulation and test, chips BMS chips etc.


  • ATE systems for R&D, design verification and manufacturing.
  • Compact size: 1U single unit outputs up to 8 channels.
  • Flexible modular system: mix and match various modules.
  • 2 frame (1U), 3 module types (DC power supply, bidirectional power supply, regenerative load).
  • Free PC software, display 8-channel output.
  • Support Web control, use common browser to realize all functions.
  • The electrically isolated source load module supports 8 modules in master-slave parallel connection up to 2kW.
  • Load function: support CC, CV, CP, CR, CC+CV, CR+CV, CP+CV, CC+CR, AUTO,BSIM (battery simulation).
  • Power supply function: Supports CV/CC/CP loop and internal resistance setting.
  • Bidirectional power supply module supports resistance setting in load mode.
  • All modules are wide-range modules.
  • Single module voltage up to 150V, current up to 30A, power up to 500W.
  • Supports synchronous control between different frames, no upper limit of channels.
  • Rich trigger output and input, support step trigger output, can trigger other modules (acquisition, oscilloscope, data recording, etc.).
  • Up to 50kHz external data recording function to improve test efficiency.
  • Measurement functions: multi-output/single-output display, oscilloscope, data record display, supports average, minimum and maximum values of V/I/P, and calculates P, Ah and Wh for all outputs.
  • Output functions: list function, arbitrary waveform, swept sine wave, arbitrary wave sequence, constant dwell arbitrary wave, load transient, battery simulation*1, battery test, OCP and OPP test*2, output on/off serialization, Watchdog, support output coupling.
  • Full protection: OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, UCP, Foldback, supports protection coupling.
  • Modules has anti-reverse connection function, built-in relay, and supports anti-discharge and anti-surge functions.
  • AC input: adaptive 100-380 V ac single phase.
  • Built-in LAN, USB-TMC,USB-VCP, CAN, digital I/O, data import and export by USB and supports SCPI protocol.

*1 only available for bidirectional power supply modules only *2 only available for load modules

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