ITECH Automotive Electronics Test Solution

ITECH Automotive Electronics Test Solution

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ITECH Automotive Electronics Test Solution

The control system of the automobile is based on advanced electronic devices. The reliability of the automobile electronic devices is directly related to the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle. Therefore, the environment reliability test requirements are always strict. Common environment reliability tests for automotive electronics include temperature, humidity, vibration, rain, aging resistance, voltage fluctuations, and voltage surges.
The test criteria for voltage waveforms and voltage surges are ISO16750-2, SAEJ1113-1, LV124, and DIN 40839, the standards chosen by various manufacturers are different.

Automotive electronics, such as: car navigation, MP3, CD player, lighter, car audio, car dashboard, automotive glass heating wire, car fuse, electronic fuel injection device, idle speed control (ISC), anti-riot System (brake System), airbag device, electronically controlled windows and doors, active suspensión.


  • Automotive Electronics.
  • Automotive Junction Box Test.
  • Automotive Generator Test: Adjust the load input according to the operating conditions of the generator.
  • Relay Test.
  • DC Motor/DC-DC Convertor Test.
  • Brushless Dc Motor Test.
  • Automotive Lighting Test.
  • Fuse Blowing Time Test.
  • Car charger/DC-DC converter test system.
  • Potable AC charging device test system.
  • Battery pack reliability/charging & discharging test System.

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Itech Automotive Electronics Test Solution