ITECH Aerospace Military Test Solution

Itech Aerospace/Military Test Solution

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ITECH Aerospace/Military Test Solution

All electronic equipment installed on commercial and military aircraft, ships, submarines, and space systems are required to meet the specified power immunity standards to ensure safe operation of devices. These standards can be divided into general test standards and manufacturer specific test standards. General test standards such as MIL-STD 704, GJB181/181A are typical government-led standards, RTCA DO160 is promulgated by Federal Aviation Administration, that is institutions closely cooperating with government organizations.
Factory-specific aerospace manufacturing standards are based on industry standards with specific variables and reasonable revisions from manufacturer to verify that electronic equipment can effectively accommodate this type of aircraft, such as Airbus ABD0100.8.1 and Boeing 787-B3-0147. That is typical Manufacturer standard. ITECH AC source M7700 series with professional software can effectively carry out related tests.


  • Radar AC/DC Power Supply.
  • New Energy Vehicle Fuses, Suitable For Testing Of Third-party Testing Organizations (Independent Laboratories).
  • Satellite Secondary Orbit Test Technology Test.
  • Aeroengine And Gas Turbine Control Systems And Electronic Controllers/control Software,laser Mcu And Other Tests.
  • Testing Of Military And Civil Avionics, Submarines And Marine Electronic Equipment.
  • Avionics specification test standard option (IT-M7700 series with professional software).

Military MIL-STD-461/704

Military MIL-STD-461/704