DAXUS AstroNova

Mobile Powerful Stackable Data Acquisition System

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DAXUS AstroNova – Mobile Powerful Stackable Data Acquisition System

Daxus is a smart modern approach to data acquisition from AstroNova. It’s a data acquisition system that lets you record and transmit data anywhere, any time. Daxus is bringing data acquisition to the forefront of the digital age with smart phone compatibility, wireless internet connectivity. Daxus is a stackable, networkable, portable and powerful data acquisition that you can use anywhere.

Daxus can be used as a single stand-alone unit for troubleshooting and maintenance, stacked for high channel count jobs, or networked with multiple units located throughout your facility for synchronized data recording in distributed data applications. With the Daxus system you can record only a few signals or hundreds of parameters essential to maintaining efficient operations.

Mobile Powerful Stackable Data Acquisition System.

  • Up to 32 channels.
  • 200k samples/second.
  • 500GB internal hard drive (SSD optional).
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Real time data capture via android phone or tablet app.

You Can Record Data in Any Configuration: Stack multiple Daxus units to achieve higher channel counts as needed.

Mobile App: Daxus is all about mobility. View real-time, scrolling waveform data of your ongoing data acquisition on your smartphone or tablet via the Daxus mobile app. You can also receive notifications and review recent captures for quick, on-demand troubleshooting.

Networked: In networked applications, an unlimited number of Daxus units can be controlled and monitored, wirelessly or through Gigabit Ethernet interface, from a central workstation or multiple PCs on your network. Daxus captures, handles, and stores all data locally. Network bandwidth has no impact on sample rates.

Stand-Alone: When used as a standalone data acquisition device, simply configure your Daxus or stacked Daxus systems for high channel counts on a PC using the included software. Disconnect the PC and let Daxus collect data or load your Daxus setup files onto a USB thumb drive and upload them directly to Daxus for storage. Daxus features a front panel display with dedicated control buttons for loading setup files, starting or stopping data captures and triggering.

PC Software: For PC-based applications, the powerful Daxus software provides intuitive drop-down menus and a customizable control panel to set up one-touch controls for your convenience. Available functions include: loading and saving setup files, amplifier settings, data capture and triggering parameters, cursor measurements and review & analyze functions.

Recording Capacity: Each Daxus has immense data recording capacity with a standard 500GB SATA drive or optional 400 or 800 GB Solid State Drives for more demanding environments. Intelligent Data Capture features include pre/post triggering, logical and/or triggers, multiple sample rates and data capture automation for repetitive testing. The battery backup ensures no loss of data in the event of a power disruption.

Características principales:

  • Real Time data acquisition with Daxus is simple. Real time signals can be viewed on a PC in a scrolling waveform style, or on a smartphone or tablet using the Daxus mobile app.
  • With Scope Mode, Daxus provides a DSO-style display that is useful for viewing high speed signals in detail or where a stationary waveform view is preferred.
  • The Review capability allows you to review captured data and has been designed for analysis, including expansion, compression, search features, measurements and more.
  • Engineering Units of your choice can be set up on any channel with linear scaling for any application. This allows data to be viewed in familiar terms such as Amps, PSI, RPM, Ft-lbs., etc.
  • A built-in Meter Package provides the ability to display screen data in easy to read visual format. Choose from various meter formats including gage, numeric, horizontal or vertical bar, needle and LED readouts.
  • These can be sized and placed anywhere on screen for a truly custom look and feel.
  • Cursors are easy to use and allow immediate measurements with functions such as: Time, Sample Point, Average, Min/Max & Peak-Peak Slope, RMS, Sum, Sum of Squares, Variance, Standard Deviation and Area.

Optional Interfaces: Interfaces include CAN Bus for automotive testing, IRIG time codes for aerospace applications and GPS time and location stamping for transportation or other applications.