Com-Power AH-826

Com-Power AH-826 Standard Gain Horn Antenna 18GHz-26,5GHz.

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Com-Power AH-826 Standard Gain Horn Antenna 18GHz-26,5GHz.

The Com-Power AH-826 Standard Gain Horn Antenna is a broadband horn antenna that offers excellent performance over the frequency range of 18 to 26.5 GHz. Most EMI test standards require the use of horn antennas for testing above 1 GHz. Because the AH-826 is linearly polarized, and can be use for transmitting and receiving, it is an excellent choice for both EMC radiated immunity and emissions testing. For Indoor or Outdoor Use One of our most popular standard gain antennas for immunity testing, the AH-826 is tough enough to use on a daily basis in both indoor and outdoor laboratory environments. Corrosion-resistant, high-grade aluminum construction provides long-term protection from the elements. A standard three-year warranty provides extended protection for your investment. Weighing just 1.5 lbs., the AH-826 is easy to transport and set up in the field. Also available is an optional tripod on which the antenna can be mounted. Applications Use an AH-826 standard gain horn antenna for immunity testing or emissions testing. We deliver the unit calibrated as per ANSI C63.5, with full NIST traceability. ISO 17025 accredited calibrations are also available. Typical applications for the AH-826 include: EMI testing to FCC, CE, MIL-STD-461, RTCA DO-160 or other similar regulatory standards. Product immunity testing.

When used as transmitting antenna, it can produce radiated RF fields of more than 1,450 V/m @ 1 meter, using only 200 watts input power. Determining the effective radiated power (ERP) and/or effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) of an RF transmitter. Use the AH-826 as a substitution antenna for testing to ETSI and other standards. Site comparisons, surveying, field monitoring and other general-purpose applications.

Características principales:

  • Frequency Range: 18 GHz – 26.5 GHz
  • High Gain – Lower Floor Noise for Emissions
  • Power: 5 Watts CW
  • VSWR: 2.0 : 1
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Impedance: 50 N)
  • Connector type: SMA (f)
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Size: 19.8 x 24.1 x 14.2 cm
  • Individual Calibration
  • Two-year Standard Warranty