Aim-TTi I-prober 520

Aim-TTi I-Prober 520 Contact Current Probe DC-5MHz y 10mA-20A pico-a-pico.

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Aim-TTi I-Prober 520 Contact Current Probe

Innovative DC to 5MHz “positional” current probe capable of measuring currents in PCB tracks, component legs etc. without the need to break the connection or surround the conductor.

Características principales:

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  • Current measurement from insulated probing of conductor.
  • Suitable for observation and measurement of current in PCB tracks, component leads and ground planes.
  • Wide dynamic range of 10mA to 20A peak to peak.
  • Wide bandwidth of DC to 5MHz.
  • Low noise figure equivalent to <6mA rms at full B/W.
  • Safety rated to 300V Cat II (600V Cat 1).
  • Suitable for connection to any oscilloscope.
  • High accuracy general purpose H-field probe.
  • Converts to ‘closed magnetic circuit’ current probe.