Aim-TTi TGF4000 Serie

Aim-TTi TGF4000 Serie Generador de funciones Arbitrario 2 canales de  40 a 240MHz


Aim-TTi TGF4000 Serie Generador de funciones Arbitrario 2 canales de  40 a 240MHz

The TGF4000 series of function/arbitrary generators offers signal generation capability up to 240MHz on two identical full performance channels that can operate independently or in coupled or tracking modes. Precise channel to channel phase control with a resolution of 0.001° is provided.

A wide range of built-in waveforms is included and custom arbitrary waveforms can be used at sample speeds up to 800MS/s and replay rates up to 80MHz. PC based arbitrary waveform generation and editing software is provided.

High resolution, low jitter pulses can be generated up to 100MHz as can wide bandwidth white noise. A extensive array of modulations is provided using internal and external sources. Gated, burst and sweep modes can use internal or external trigger sources.

Remote control via USB and LXI compliant LAN (standard) can be supplemented by optional GPIB if required.

Características principales:

  •  0.001mHz to 240MHz (TGF4242), 160MHz (TGF4162) , 80MHz (TGF4082)  or 40MHz (TGF4042) sine frequency range.
  • High sine wave purity with low phase noise and jitter, audio band THD down to 0.05%.
  • Square waves up to 100MHz with variable duty cycle, edge speeds down to 3ns.
  • Resolution of up to 15 digits or 1µHz, high stability TCXO timebase.
  • Two identical channels – independent or linked with coupled and tracking modes.
  • Inter-channel phase offset of -3600 to +3600 with 0.0010 resolution.
  • 1mHz to up to 100MHz Pulse generation with 100ps width resolution, <30ps jitter, and independently variable rise/fall times.
  • Wideband noise generator with up to 100MHz noise bandwidth.
  • PRBS pseudo-random bit sequence generation with 8 sequence lengths *.
  • Harmonics generation using up to 16 harmonics *.
  • Wide range of standard and arbitrary waveforms built-in.
  • Arbitrary waveforms of 14-bits / 400MSa/s  (TGF4042 & TGF4082) or 16-bits / 800MSa/s (TGF4162 & TGF4242).
  • Waveform Manager Plus for Windows, editing software included.
  • Front USB host socket for waveform storage and file transfers using Flash drives.
  • Comprehensive internal/external digital and analog modulation set including Sum* modulation.
  • Modulation frequencies up to 10MHz internal and 5MHz External.
  • Gate and Burst modes with internal and external triggering.
  • Bi-directional linear and logarithmic sweep using internal or external triggering.
  • 125MHz frequency counter/timer with five measurement modes.
  • Programmable via USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces; GPIB optional.